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Why giving credit to stay out of trouble may not be enough?

I must confess soaking in a podcast with great content is like a scoop of soft serve ice cream on a hot summer day!


So you know, I was on cloud infinity the other day, when  I stumbled upon juicy nuggets listening to a podcast that was spot on.  It shed some light on the pitfalls in this culture of social media and content sharing, in which using content by others has become mainstream.  Sharing on its face is not the issue, however being aware and not crossing these not so defined boundaries of sharing or reposting is where the challenge lies.

In general, giving credit to the “source” seems adequate but what happens where the source does not own rights to that capitivating shot of the Bay bridge or that post that would fit right in with the rest of your well curated content on Instagram?  Things can get sticky and that is where requesting permission in addition to giving credit may be the smart approach to avoid potential fires in the future.

Here are a few considerations with your next share with your tribe of followers hat may help in keeping the lawsuits or and cease and desist letters at bay.


The information gleaned from the podcast was so rich, so juicy, the urge to share with others is almost overwhelming and looking gorgeous from my vantage point.  You guessed right, best believe, my request is going to have “receive permission” and “give credit” written all over it.

Happy sharing!


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How to take your feedback from mediocre to phenomenal!

I came across a visual depiction with accompanying text on a social media platform of this courier service provider.  On its face, it seemed so simple but what was even more remarkable was the attention to detail in the description of this simple concept of a form of transportation unique to certain parts of the world.

The content connected with me in such enigmatic proportions that it immediately got me thinking of the most appropriate word(s) to compliment the content creator.  One thing was clear, this called for more than a quick and perfunctory “Job well done” Continue reading “How to take your feedback from mediocre to phenomenal!”

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Quality Time

I had walked into the office with trepidation, as I recalled the gruesome ordeal of extracting and replacing my dental implant.  If I never had to go through that experience it would be too soon.  The dentist must have read my mind because she quickly dismissed my fears and recommended following up with a periodontist for good measure.

Glancing at my watch, it had been almost an hour.  Standing by the entryway that separated the waiting area from the corridor of private consultation rooms, the dental assistant in a scrub top with images of dental exam tools on it had announced to me “the doctor should have it ready in a few”.

That was tens minutes earlier and still there was no paper referral in sight. Continue reading “Quality Time”

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The Writer’s tool kit

Learning about a device that is portable enough to allow for easy writing on the go, got me thinking of the many other  ways to make the best of my ideas and observations even in my sleep.

“What’s in your wallet? (in my best Samuel L Jackson impersonation) Not exactly.  How about, what’s in your Writer’s tool kit?

Here are a few that come to mind:

  1. Speed Writing Devices – Michelle Stimpson talks about the Alphasmart, for  speed writing.  It is a word processing device that has a full size QWERTY keyboard and display screen and saves your typing as you go.  It is good for writers on the go because it is portable, offers distraction-free writing (no internet connection needed) and uses batteries.  Following attempts to successfully recreate or transfer from mind to paper some ideas that came to me smack in middle of my subconscious sleeping moments, I realized with a quickness that waiting is not an option.  Before then, I had grappled with the frustrations of coming up empty, because I waited until I was fully awake to write down the “light bulb” bright idea which by then had gone POOF!!.

 2) Journals, Notepads, Pieces of Paper — Putting pen to paper.   Having something to write on by my night stand or in my handbag rather than having to wait until I am at my desk helps in capturing my fleeting thoughts and observations on the spot.

3) Phone Applications –  My phone is one item I carry along with me most of the time.  I have several applications on it, one of them is Color Notes, a virtual form of the sticky notes.  It has been a tremendous help even during my “in between” full consciousness and sleep moments. It has the option of text or creating a check list and comes in a variety of colors.   The best part is that you can share those notes as an attachment or even in the body of the email and transfer that into a word document.

4. Reading List – Signing up wit a a writer’s group or workshop and in addition to the classics, reading a lot of other books within and outside the particular genre are good choices, a few of which may be available for free.  One advantage of expanding one’s reading list is that it exposes the reader to different writing styles, vocabulary and in itself may offer valuable tips on character development and description.  One book on my reading list is a guide that somewhat reinforces some of the time-tested practices of a lot of writers, The Observation Deck.

             The Observation Deck – A Tool kit for Writers – It offers tips on the different stages of the creative process from conception to completion with the aid of a deck of cards.  “It gives you the opportunity to experiment with different ways of working and relieves you of the anxiety of having to constantly decide what to do next” (Introduction).

The card “watch for Gesture” reminded me of one of my trips in which the lady in the window seat glanced away from the white tablet, stretching her free hand to receive the Irish cream and cup of coffee” from the flight attendant.

The guide also talked about looking through photographs including old picture books for inspiration for character development.

20151202_055354-2If you are well acquainted with the public transportation like myself, this is spot on, the Eavesdrop card.  Some of those discussions can be quite interesting.  The suggestion is to eavesdrop for about 15 minutes, writing down every word or tape record the discussion and type it up word for word and read the transcription.  This reveals the disjointed nature of real conversations and gives the writer, the opportunity to edit the transcript.  The Rearrange card highlights the fact that moving chapters or events or parts around or even beginning with writing the end or just starting anywhere may be the most logical next step to take towards creating a polished product.

What tools do you use to craft your art; your masterpiece(s)?

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The Rewards of Dinner

With the upcoming benefit dinner a few months away, time! place! venue! and even a theme all squared away, Ama a member of the dozen member planning committee asks the question

How much are the dinner tickets going to go for?”

The room goes quiet for a quick second as they scan the budget document in front of them and just then Tonye asks

What is our biggest expense?”   Continue reading “The Rewards of Dinner”

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From the Ashes of Rejection

For me that is not an option.  The luxury of a pity party.   To do so would cost me big time.  Not only will I be losing momentum, but also time.  So in the spirit of keeping things moving, I need to move in for the kill and I mean move in pronto!

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Continue reading “From the Ashes of Rejection”