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How to take your feedback from mediocre to phenomenal!

I came across a visual depiction with accompanying text on a social media platform of this courier service provider.  On its face, it seemed so simple but what was even more remarkable was the attention to detail in the description of this simple concept of a form of transportation unique to certain parts of the world.

The content connected with me in such enigmatic proportions that it immediately got me thinking of the most appropriate word(s) to compliment the content creator.  One thing was clear, this called for more than a quick and perfunctory “Job well done” Continue reading “How to take your feedback from mediocre to phenomenal!”

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Before you draw up your next to do list, think Batch tasking

What is batch tasking? dedicating blocks of time to perform similar tasks that require similar resources thereby streamlining the process.  It differs from multitasking which has no structured way for handling the variety of planned and unplanned tasks.


Why batch tasking? Helps with time management.  In addition to being a time saving mechanism, it reduces distractions; boosts creativity & productivity, by leveraging  the momentum garnered from the previous execution of similar oriented tasks; the need to make major mindset shifts when in the “groove of things” is minimized.

Zigzagging between answering phone calls,  creating content,  meeting with a vendor and then back to content creation should now be a thing of the past.  Batch tasking is more in the vein of  “we are on a roll, so why settle for one blog post when we can knock out three more within a shorter window of time!

Why take a break? Refreshing.  Well deserved breaks are the cherry on the sundae.   Batching tasks makes taking breaks an even more attainable goal.  It is an effective way of preparing the mind for the next batch of similar tasks.  Think reset button.

wordswag_1472440479210Is it me, but I already feel the stressormeter mercury levels travelling south!

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Pressing the Publish Button

When, What and How to go from ideas to pressing the Publish button

How do you know when and what to post on your platform that will resonate with your audience?

Do you ever run out of ideas or topics to write about?

How do you know when to wrap up the research, begin the writing and finally press the publish button?

Let me put my disclaimer out there.  Continue reading “Pressing the Publish Button”

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Work or Walk and Win

Those words staring back at me through the glass display, seemed too good to be true.  Even more mind blowing was the prospect of being done with my Christmas shopping in July.

In that moment, racing through my mind like credits from a movie were the many reasons why I should just do it!   Yes! get it over and done with and check it off!

1)Less pressure

2)Less likely to have to deal with the long windy almost endless queues that come with shopping during the holidays.

3) Low inventory challenges were less likely to be the case, or at least until my needs were met.

There were “fantastic” deals swirling around in that store, but just like the sign hanging above the intersection of the two aisles where I now stood, the unanswered question hanging over my head still remained “Is “50% off any full price item” equal to or the same as “Buy 1 get one free”?

Trick question?  Continue reading “Work or Walk and Win”

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Low Sodium, Low Sugar, High Protein, High Fiber.

“Oh my I forgot again” Ouch!,

  By the elevator banks were the  five foot rectangular cardboard boxes with flaps hanging on the sides.  Inscribed on the box were four cans labeled “low sodium”,  “low sugar”, “high protein” and “high fiber”.  I could already feel a bit of relief as I approached the lobby, just massaging the sting to my temple from my heavy hand.

Stacked Planks

The night before, I mentally ran down my list of things to take along to work in the morning; my laptop in the computer wheeled business case and documents to be reviewed were set down in plain view by the dining table.  The plan was to grab the other items – a boiled egg, orange and overnight oats for breakfast and my packed lunch – from the fridge along with some canned beans and corn and packs of angel hair pasta on my way out in the morning.  Even more exciting was that this was my Continue reading “Low Sodium, Low Sugar, High Protein, High Fiber.”

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The Rewards of Dinner

With the upcoming benefit dinner a few months away, time! place! venue! and even a theme all squared away, Ama a member of the dozen member planning committee asks the question

How much are the dinner tickets going to go for?”

The room goes quiet for a quick second as they scan the budget document in front of them and just then Tonye asks

What is our biggest expense?”   Continue reading “The Rewards of Dinner”