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3 questions to ask before providing valuable feedback


What would I say? How would I say what I liked or did not like?  Would it be insensitive to tell it like it was?

My fingers beat my brain to it and by the time it dawned on me the confirmation that email had been sent had popped up on my screen.  My euphoria was short-lived and what I was feeling at that point in time was nothing short of raw consternation.

Here, I was battling a deluge of emotions and also attempting to manage the anxiety this simple email request had inflicted on me.  I was quickly transported back to the white knuckle moments waiting on a response from the bank to my offer and dreading the call from the agent after two rejections on previous offers.  The difference with the third offer was I had found a home I wanted needed.  I had no doubt in my mind, I did not have it in me to stomach another rejection and resume the search online as well as traveling from one end of town to the other to view properties.    Continue reading “3 questions to ask before providing valuable feedback”

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Know the difference(s) before you provide your next feedback; Customer Reviews versus Testimonials.

The difference between Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are evaluations of products or services usually written by clients or customers on social media sites  like Amazon, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, TripAdvisor and OpenTable to name a few.

These reviews could be provide either positive or negative feedback and allow the vendor or merchant to respond to the feedback provided by the customer on product pages, search engines or a separate review website.


Testimonials serve as a way of showing off how others have benefited from your product or service.  Unlike customer reviews it is not conversational which means the provider does not have the opportunity to respond to the feedback provided.  It is a powerful tool for building trust and encouraging potential buyers to take action.

Testimonials are meant to demonstrate success and so the more specific the testimonials with regard to the tangible impact of the services or product provided and the client’s overall experience, the more effective it is.

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Pressing the Publish Button

When, What and How to go from ideas to pressing the Publish button

How do you know when and what to post on your platform that will resonate with your audience?

Do you ever run out of ideas or topics to write about?

How do you know when to wrap up the research, begin the writing and finally press the publish button?

Let me put my disclaimer out there.  Continue reading “Pressing the Publish Button”

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Work or Walk and Win

Those words staring back at me through the glass display, seemed too good to be true.  Even more mind blowing was the prospect of being done with my Christmas shopping in July.

In that moment, racing through my mind like credits from a movie were the many reasons why I should just do it!   Yes! get it over and done with and check it off!

1)Less pressure

2)Less likely to have to deal with the long windy almost endless queues that come with shopping during the holidays.

3) Low inventory challenges were less likely to be the case, or at least until my needs were met.

There were “fantastic” deals swirling around in that store, but just like the sign hanging above the intersection of the two aisles where I now stood, the unanswered question hanging over my head still remained “Is “50% off any full price item” equal to or the same as “Buy 1 get one free”?

Trick question?  Continue reading “Work or Walk and Win”

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Quality Time

I had walked into the office with trepidation, as I recalled the gruesome ordeal of extracting and replacing my dental implant.  If I never had to go through that experience it would be too soon.  The dentist must have read my mind because she quickly dismissed my fears and recommended following up with a periodontist for good measure.

Glancing at my watch, it had been almost an hour.  Standing by the entryway that separated the waiting area from the corridor of private consultation rooms, the dental assistant in a scrub top with images of dental exam tools on it had announced to me “the doctor should have it ready in a few”.

That was tens minutes earlier and still there was no paper referral in sight. Continue reading “Quality Time”