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Pressing the Publish Button

When, What and How to go from ideas to pressing the Publish button

How do you know when and what to post on your platform that will resonate with your audience?

Do you ever run out of ideas or topics to write about?

How do you know when to wrap up the research, begin the writing and finally press the publish button?

Let me put my disclaimer out there.  I am still a work in progress, however here a few lessons learned so far.

Always know your audience.  Everyone cannot be your Audience.  First identify the information you are trying to get across and speak specifically to whom your story resonates with the most.  Identify your demographic, go beyond the generic message and select mediums that are most effective in communicating your proffered solutions to the right audience.  Virtual presence means low overhead but also offering the hardcopy as an additional option may be more appealing depending on your audience.

Fresh, new Spin on Old Content – Previously provided content is a good source of new content.  Are there questions and comments on previously posted content that can be addressed?  FAQs, sometimes have recurring themes in the comments postef or questions raised and thereby provide another source of relevant content.

Collaborations –   Hearing what other colleagues in the same or affiliated fields as well thought leaders or experts on subjects that are of interest to your audience can be rewarding and refreshing.  For one it shifts the focus away from you the content creator, albeit for a few minutes.  Collaborating with others by giving them an opportunity to share their knowledge on your platform can shed a different perspective on a subject.  How about having a guest take over the Instagram account for a day? posting an interview of a fellow blogger in the same industry on your blog? or hosting them on your podcast?


Engaging the Mind and Staying Inspired – Feed the mind with what we hear, touch and see.  What books are you reading,  what sites are you visiting,  both virtual and physical?  How about switching it up sometimes that is if you typically gravitate towards fiction, consider listening to or reading the print version of a non fiction collection of short essays.  I recently read listened to this book and was completely blown.  It could be a blog post that may be totally unrelated to your business like this or that sheds light on some key principles or an article from a trade journal.  Have you visited anywhere lately?  Nothing bank breaking.  A quiet stroll down the boardwalk, to the bookstore, window shopping, people watching or meeting up with friends for a late lunch or drinks, or taking a class for personal development: all different ways of pressing the reset button, clearing out your head and making room for fresh ideas.

Pencil it In Having a plan for scheduling content creation and posting makes for a less stressful life.  A notebook for writing down ideas or even creating a checklist of tasks to be completed comes in handy.  Planning future posts ahead of time and allowing room for any last minute changes should make for a smooth(er) run and even better, draws you closer to pressing the publish button in no time.


How do you go about identifying, planning, creating and posting content that addresses your audience’s needs?



Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

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