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Quality Time

I had walked into the office with trepidation, as I recalled the gruesome ordeal of extracting and replacing my dental implant.  If I never had to go through that experience it would be too soon.  The dentist must have read my mind because she quickly dismissed my fears and recommended following up with a periodontist for good measure.

Glancing at my watch, it had been almost an hour.  Standing by the entryway that separated the waiting area from the corridor of private consultation rooms, the dental assistant in a scrub top with images of dental exam tools on it had announced to me “the doctor should have it ready in a few”.

That was tens minutes earlier and still there was no paper referral in sight.

Enough already! This was my third go-around, taking in the details of the hanging watercolor paintings.  The birds were a nice addition to the pastel landscape.  However,  I needed to channel some of that energy towards a productive cause.  I had not factored in the possibility of my schedule opening up at this point in my day.  Unplanned as it was, this was a perfect opportunity for me to make good on my latest resolve to be more, organized and focused, thanks to the motivation provided by this post on better time management.

Here are a few of my takeaways;

!) Although plans are made, they can Change – Rather than fall again for “I will get to it over the weekend”, do not let things pile up during the week in the hope of getting to it during the weekend. Block out times during the day to do a few specific tasks. For instance, on the train ride, I can map out my list of to-dos for the day or and even the week.  Lunch time is also another opportunity to execute a few tasks including catching up on calls and responding to emails and or social media posts.  Most smartphones offer a wide range of applications that are accessible where there is a wi-Fi connection. Blocking off a couple of hours on a particular day or days of the week after work for brainstorming content, calendaring content as well as fleshing out content to be posted can further reduce the demands on ones time come the weekend.

20160715_000107 (1)

2) Learning & Growing – “Write, Read, Write and Write some more! is something I am beginning to have a greater appreciation for. The challenge however is being consistent. I have firsthand seen how all of a sudden my creative juices kick into high gear the more I educate myself. This could be as a result of reading a blog post on phantom brands or a magazine article on parenting, watching a do it yourself video  presentation on disregarded entities or even listening to an informative podcast on voiceover actors and in the course of doing these things, come across other topics that piqued my curiosity causing me to do further research.

On several occasions,  I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the most unexpected discoveries; case in point, an online graphic design platform that offers free access to a wide assortment of design tools and options, as well as premium options for paying customers. I happened to stumble upon this gem of information while reading this.  This is one of the many tools that can make life much easier even for the greenhorn.

What others ways do you create quality time to get things done in the course of your day or week?



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