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A Flat lay Experience

Flat lay photography is where objects are laid flat on a surface and photographed from a bird’s eye view by standing directly over the display.

It is a simple way to create a clean visual display of items.

Wrapping Paper against White poster board


Here are four tips on how to create a remarkable flat lay display.

  1. Versatility and Simplicity all rolled into one.  A variety of backgrounds can add a striking dimension to the display and the cost involved is not of breaking the bank proportions.  The dollar store or local arts and crafts store carry poster boards and cardboard sheets and you may even find a few props to boot at a reasonable cost as well.  You can never go wrong with the basics: A clean solid white sheet of cardboard or poster board.  Even within the home are a variety of resources to tap into such as, an accent wall, or exposed brick wall or even the wood planks of the deck.  These can all add a different texture to the display.  Colors and patterns add a striking dimension to the display making some items pop even more.


2) Stick to your Good Side – Select a space that allows the most natural light or other bright light without casting shadows on the flat lay.  This may require moving things around or even moving to a different section of the room or building that has large windows.  The time of day will also determine the quality of the natural light.

3) Keep the Creative Juices Flowing – Flat lays allow a lot of room to be creative.  First identify what the underlying theme is and then lay out in a manner that balances out for shape and size.  The bulk of your time should be directed towards selecting the items and the background and mapping out the layout of the chosen items.  Standing on a  step stool or a chair will give the photographer additional height.

4) Just a click away – Even a phone camera can get the job done.  Most smartphone cameras have user friendly interfaces that allow for sample shots to be captured and reviewed and the layout tweaked accordingly.  Experiment with different backgrounds to see what makes the items pop, what takes full advantage of the lighting before shooting off the finished image to a social platform of your choice  – Do I hear Instagram calling?

Wallart Sharp Bangles-5
Blue and white Striped background

Have fun in the process!




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