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Flash Fiction – Forever Hold your Peace or Pace or Pain

“Tiffany, I am confused or is this some sort of twisted joke?”

“Blaine it is in both our interests to end this thing between us.  I have accepted Roy’s proposal.  We get married a week from today, next Saturday.  I cannot do this anymore… not knowing for certain how much longer you will be away is emotionally draining…”

Only a few hours earlier he had gone over how he was going to surprise Tiffany with the good news of his early release from deployment.  His assignment was officially over on Sunday.

“I guess the surprise is on me”

There was silence and then continued.

“Tiffany, hold off on the wedding plans.  I will be back in about three days”

Even though it all seemed to be working against him, beginning with the cancellation of his connecting flight after a two hour delay due to inclement weather, Blaine arrived town in the wee hours of Saturday; just enough time to make it to the combined wedding ceremony and reception venue.

“Tiffany don’t do this to us”.  As Tiffany recognized the voice, rushing towards the sudden commotion in the back, the officiant stopped reading and looked up from his script. On the concrete floor, Blaine lay in a fetal position clutching onto the ipecac bottle, shivering.

A few minutes before, Blaine had helped himself to some of the punch at the beverage table.  The timing had to be executed with laser precision.

In that moment, bent over while clutching onto his midsection, managing to whisper a few words in between shivers he said ” i was left with no other choice” and immediately the retching began.

The original response to a Flash Fiction writing prompt has been modified.



Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

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