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Have Something to Say (I)

Things seemed to be moving along in their relationship so the last thing on her mind when Mezu called to cancel their date was his proposal.  At first, she could not make out everything he was saying because his voice kept on breaking up due to the poor phone connection.  But in no time, Bisi heard him loud and clear.

Mezu proposed they take a break from each other to think about what they each want in a long term relationship because he had been doing some serious thinking about them and he had his reservations. The fact that she no longer spent the weekends at his place suggested to him they were drifting apart.

Bisi was shocked because it did not seem to be an issue for him when they talked about it.  

For a while, their level of physical intimacy had been weighing heavily on her conscience. Still a bit uncertain about how Mezu would receive her decision to completely abstain from having sex outside of marriage, she started spending fewer nights at his place.

When he asked why the sudden change, she explained she had to pick up the breakfast items an hour and a half before service for the hospitality ministry at church, Light of the World. For her, especially on Sundays, it was also more convenient since both the pastry shop and LOW were closer to her place. Whether or not he bought her half-truth, the issue did not come up again.  Her prayer was that she would have enough courage to come completely clean with him and have “the abstinence talk” soon enough.

As much as it hurt, to a certain degree, she felt like a heavy load had been lifted. The uncomfortable, rapid heart-beat sensation was becoming tiresome and lately, it was happening more frequently than she cared to admit.

Mezu called a few times after their “break-up”.  The first time was a week later; and the second, a week after that.  Bisi was gradually getting used to the idea of being single, so when he called the third and last time she did not mince words.

“Mezu I appreciate your checking in on me.  However, I need to go cold turkey.  I need to get to the point where I am fine with not hearing from you”

“Bisi, I get it. As you say, you don’t know how to handle the gray areas.  But what is the harm in friends chatting every once in a while?”

Friends indeed, she thought to herself.

“Mezu, I agree there is no harm.  But listen to what I am saying. I am not mentally and emotionally prepared for that right now”

Mezu must have finally caught on because the text messages and phone calls stopped when he received no response to the two text messages he sent after their last phone discussion.


It had been over a year and a half since his last text message and his call today, from the unknown number.

Even though so many months had passed,  Bisi could feel the heat rise in her face as she recalled him giving her the option to come over to his place if she still wanted to hang out that evening.

Mezu’s coughing jarred Bisi back to the present.

“Mezu Hi  How are you?”, It sounded awkward, since she seemed to be repeating herself.

“Hey, I am doing fine and you? Pause.  It’s been a while.  You must be wondering why the call out of the blue right?

To Bisi his tone sounded more like he was gathering his thoughts and carefully contemplating his next choice of words.

“I do not want to take up any more of your time.  So let me get straight to the point.  I need to talk to you in person…please”

“About what?”

“Where do I begin?  How things ended between us and what has happened to me in the time in between”

“Mezu, what difference does it make?”

“It may not mean a lot to you.  But it would mean a great…”Bisi interrupted him before he could finish

“Mezu, hold up.  What is different now than then?  You are not dying from some terminal illness now or are you?”

Mezu chuckled but her silence was his cue to not get carried away by her generosity so he quickly reverted to his serious tone.

“I really need… I would really appreciate it if you would grant me this one last request.  You don’t have to talk to me after that.  Scratch, lose even delete my number if you want”  Mezu pleaded.

“Yeah right!!  How is that going to work?  If I did not know any better, I would think you are on Scotland Yard’s payroll since you seem to have a penchant for calling from Unknown Numbers.”

The silence between them made him uncomfortable. “Bisi, are you still there?”

“Yes I am.  I can meet you at Zuby’s Café on Monday.

She immediately caught herself.  She was not prepared for the internal chatter, the suspense, the guessing games, the over analyzing.  It was best to nip it in the bud right away.

“You know what? Let us make that tomorrow at 4pm.”  Bisi quickly added.

As he slowly lowered the phone onto his work desk, Mezu smiled to himself as he was reminded of what first attracted him to Bisi, her assertive but gentle demeanor.

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