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Flight or Fight

With a few “special” exceptions, human beings are creatures of instinct, some may even say we are creatures of habit, and because of that we gravitate towards our comfort zone.

Getting out the Comfort Zone means different things to different people including doing things we fear, that make us anxious, that we detest or simply put, doing things that are emotional and excruciatingly painful.
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For many introverts, this resonates on more levels than one, who over the course of the day or even week encounter situations where they are going through the motions of “I will die first before I walk up to that Director I run into at the gym than open my mouth and say hi him at the Whole Foods store”

What comes to mind when we hear catchphrases like: “time for change, “we are moving in a different direction”,  “opportunities for growth, challenge” and “stepping outside the comfort zone”?

How do you typically react to the possibility of changing your situation?  For most humans, it would be flight.  However, to make that change, one has to be strategic in fighting one’s fears.

Do any of these emotions ring a bell or bells?

the increased almost palpable pounding of the heart,

sweaty palms,

the sudden “my knees are about to give” feeling,

lump in my throat or and

the painful stomach churns?

For one whom in certain circles is believed to be an introvert, I have wondered on more than one occasion how does President Barack Obama do it?Every day is game time for him, with the numerous press conferences, one on one meetings, dinners, and of course, not the least, the “who is calling me at this time and it better be important” late night calls.

We do not have to be presidents to be able to relate to any or all of those emotions.  The ability to deftly manage this spectrum of emotions in my opinion is what champions are made of the ability to sustain the resolve and cool to not to take flight but rather fight one’s fears, doubts and or discomfort.

For the common man like you and I, how do we rise to the occasion?


Article to be continued in Part II.



Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

One thought on “Flight or Fight

  1. “Keep your eyes on the prize” …”Put on your game face” and keep in mind how important or how long it’s taken to get to the point of finally being placed in an opportuned position to ‘take that leap’ With that in mind, tell yourself that this/that opportunity won’t probably come around a second time.

    This may put some pressure on some people but for me, it gives me that ‘nudge’ that I may so need at that particular point in time so that I can put my fears behind me.

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