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Creature Comforts for the Long Haul

What are your favorite snacks to take on a trip,  how do you try to make it as pleasurable an experience as possible? Perhaps pack along some tea,  download some favorite music or and shows, catch up on as much of your reading or and sleep as possible?

Horseshoe Pillow-
Horseshoe Pillow-

Do you have a favorite horseshoe pillow, or choice of seat or other “ritual”  that you follow to make for a more pleasant travel experience?

For a long haul trip, it always helps to prepare as best as you can ahead of time to make for a more relaxed or and pleasurable experience.

Here are a few tips that may come in handy:

A) Before you Leave the House.

1)  Check with your bank to see if your best option is to make ATM withdrawals rather than carry wads of cash or have to contend with daily changes in the

local exchange rates.  There may be fees involved in either case.

2) Dress in Layers and dress for comfort – Yoga pants, a loose fitting cotton tee shirt, simple jewelry: an eye mask, ear plugs, pillow, blanket, circle scarf –, which can serve as a scarf or pillow or pashmina/shawl.  Compression socks are a good idea for those who experience swelling in the ankles.

3)Be Strategic  about Bathroom Stops – Clean Bathrooms any day — Take a bathroom break before you leave the house or if you forget, at the airport or just before all passengers have boarded the plane and the plane ready for  takeoff, why? because that is when they are most likely the cleanest.

4) Sniffles a few days before – Check with your healthcare provider, but where one is experiencing ear pain or battling a cold, taking an antihistamine an hour before departure may help alleviate pressure related pain.

5)Easy to Forget – Make sure you have your travel documents in a secure but easy to access place.  Have small bills in the local currency of your destination for tipping.  Check to make sure your class of service in which you book qualifies for frequent flyer miles and provide that frequent flyer number when making a reservation.

6) Check to see if you need any adapters or and converters.


B) On the Plane

1) Wipe it down –  Disinfecting wipes to wipe down the arm rest and tabletop and anything else is necessary to minimize exposure to the germs.

2) Having a case of the Munchies – It does not hurt to have packed a few tasty and nutritious snacks of your choice in a plastic ( ziploc) bag – Think, a small pouch of almonds, cheerios, baby carrots, dried fruit, a chocolate bar.  A few bags of ones favorite tea would be nice.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy, the thought of some warm ginger tea.

3) Space considerations – To minimize the cramping effect where extra leg or and head room are not an option, bulkhead seats may not be right for you especially if you are more than average height  or size.

4) Parched is not your Friend – At higher altitudes and air conditions that dry out the skin, it is a good idea to clean your skin and keep it  moisturized. It is an even better idea to have an empty bottle (under 100mls, I hear is a safe size) so that rather than repeatedly asking for glass refills…hand over your empty water bottle to the attendant right before departure and it can be delivered to you just before take off.  Eye drops to relieve dry eyes; lip balm to help with drying lips and nose.

5) Attention or Distraction Tactics – Load laptop, tablet, iPad, with movies to watch and articles to read that you have not had and opportunity to and are likely to enjoy.  Do not forget to have a set of headphones which are comfortable as a backup just in case the ones on the plane do not work or none are provided

6) Taking a Walk – If you anticipate getting up regularly to take walks or bathroom breaks, perhaps an aisle seat may be a better choice because you do not have to bother others seated next to you. But of course, there is the added benefit of being able to rest your pillow against the window when you have a window seat.

7) Freshen up – During your layover or upon arrival at your final destination, with a change of clothes in your carry-on including clean socks and underwear and toiletries, freshen up.  Lavender or tea tree oil which deodorizes could also serve as a handy antiseptic.

8)  Change your Mind (time)set – If possible choose flights that depart about the same time as you go to bed, that way it gives your body clock a false sense of normalcy.  Adjust your clock to the local time of your destination once airborne .

9) No rest for the weary – Do not let those legs go to sleep on you. Take walks from time to time.  Use that opportunity to chat up the crew members. This helps stretch your legs and perhaps endurance as it gets the blood circulating after sitting for extended periods of time.

10) Not only for First Class – Lounges – You do not have to buy an annual membership or necessarily be a first or club class passenger. Take advantage of the day passes at executive/airport lounges which typically offer a more relaxed environment while you are in between flights waiting to make your connection.  Most of the lounges do limit the amount of time you can spend to three hours. There are also non-airline owned clubs in some airports where for a fee you have access to comfortable chairs, snacks, Wi-Fi access and in some cases small meals amongst other creature comforts.  See


Happy Travels and do share you creature comforts for travel.




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