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Lost and Found – the Recovery Effort

I am way past dead meat.  I lost it all!!


That is all it took.

Right in the middle of a download of pictures to my laptop from my camera’s memory (SD) card, I aborted the transfer and what happened next was enough to render me certifiable.

But my reality is or was that I did not have the luxury to process those emotions caused my impulsive action.  Even more nerve wracking in that moment,  was having to think about the full repercussions of just a simple click.

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My first reaction was raw panic! almost bordering on hysteria, as frantically tried to recall all the memorable moments captured by yours truly, the designated by default photographer with the responsibility of sending the pictures taken over that weekend.

There was no way out of this one as far as I was concerned.  What would I say?  It was all coming back to me, all the excitement as they cocked their necks to get a good view of the various shots and the repeated reminders not to forget to email them the pictures…oh my this was going to be ugly.  This was the first time this had happened and  how embarrassing to now have to explain that I had inadvertently deleted all those memories.

 No, something needed to be done and fast.  Immediately, I began retracing my steps.  First, I checked the Recycle Bin, then my pictures folder on my C drive.  Right about then, a message box popped up confirming my worst fears. Now, it was all coming back and the reality of my present predicament was gradually beginning to sink in.  Those pictures were gone.  I then recalled that the last time I did an upload, I changed my settings so as to delete the pictures from the memory card once the download was complete.

Game time – Focus. Focus. Focus. 

First, I googled “how to recover lost photos” BAM!! and with a quick scan of the search results, my eyes settled on an article on CNET, but what caught my attention more were the comments where one had a link to a youtube video.  An even better idea occurred to me,  narrow down my search to a video on how to recover deleted pictures from my particular camera brand and spot on was a link to  a video on how to recover deleted formatted photos from a Nikon digital camera memory card.

Again I scrolled down to the comments to see what feedback there was and to say that the 1.33 minute video along with all the comments was all the encouragement I could muster to take a plunge and hope that the purchase and download of that applicaiton would not corrupt my computer is an understatement.

Yes, it was a bit more work than I cared to do because it recovered everything to date that I had deleted in the past and I had the extra task of sifting through to identify the pictures taken over the weekend.  Come to think about it, that was a much better option than having to look people in the eyes and explain how those pictures they were so excited about had disappeared into thin air.

Thanks to the numerous photo recovery applications out there.  I am a happier camper.



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