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Trundle or Murphy

Trundle or Murphy

It was heavy.  The joy of checking off the completed tasks on my weekly to do list seemed to be short lived because of this one major task.  Something had to give and no sooner had it become crystal clear, it was clear, I had to work with what I had.  How so? was the million dollar question.  How was I going to transform the compact layout of the loft without compromising the warm and cozy feel and most importantly breaking the bank?  All this for my guests?

Eyes glazed over from several hours of browsing, mentally I done even though I continued clicking.  What was that?  Just as I was about  to  X out of the webpage and begin powering down my laptop, some image flashed before me.  No longer as quick to X out of the webpage, as I carefully retracted the mouse and pointed it in the direction of the backward arrows, I retraced my last few clicks. Three back clicks later and there it was in full display, potential answer to my dilemma.   I was down to two contenders: either a trundle/daybed or a Murphy bed.

Mission – Cozy, Classy, Functional, space-saver with additional storage space to boot.

Murphy bed it is.  But did I get a schooling in the niceties such as the different orientations, horizontal (side tilt), vertical (upright), mechanism kits consisting of hydraulic dampers, latch, legs and axle hinges.

William Murphy, family legend has it lived in a one room apartment and at the time was pursuing a young lady, but back then gentlemen could not bring ladies back to their bedroom(s) and so he came up with the idea of converting the bedroom into a living space using a mechanism for folding up the bed.

William Murphy BedAlthough African American Leonard C. Bailey, received the first patent for a folding bed, Murphy patented the mechanism for a foldup bed with a pivot and counterbalanced design.

From all indications, the Murphy bed was an invention born of necessity.   Likewise my need for an additional bedroom for my guests led to the Murphy bed solution.

Why Murphy over the Trundle.

  • More floor space available while the bed is folded up.
  • Additional storage space lined up against the wall.
  •  An extra bed for guests as the need arises or tucked away neatly.


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