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What Lies Ahead in 2014 – Moving Forward

20131129_150323With a New Year, the customary thing is to have a new years resolution list of bad habits to drop and areas to nurture.

Well this year, I choose to steer off the beaten path.  My plan – simple and straightforward and in a few words, to be intentional.

Where that path leads me I am not quite sure but I INTEND:

to blog more, read more, travel more, learn more and who knows to be open to whatever else happens in between and hopefully to be wiser from the experiences.

I intend to worry less and relish the moments more.  Be alright with being still, if that is what I am feeling at that point in time and enjoy those moments of quiet solace in my own space more; and worry less about what could have, should have or would have.

Oops! there goes my not having a list, but hopefully you get my drift.




Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

3 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead in 2014 – Moving Forward

  1. Resolutions seem to always be left for only the beginning of the year usually. We should all learn to be more flexible and make necessary changes or work toward making such changes on an as needed basis. I think this helps relieve some of the pressure that comes with making a multitude of pattern changes all at one time, at the beginning of the year and makes for a greater success rate at achieving such goals

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