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Weekly Photo Challenge-Community

Is it not amazing the power between one brain and two eyes and as a consequence we are able to appreciate the numerous possibilities, the different dimensions to an object or image.

It is such power that prompted me to take this photograph just before 6.30 am one morning.  Mushroom2

What seemed like a normal chilly morning, as I walked toward this space completely preoccupied with what tasks of the day to first tackle, when that shift in my attention, without any effort on my part, in a quick instant, precipitated by what my eyes saw and brain interpreted as the uncanny resemblance to a cluster of mushrooms scattered about a stretch of brown soil.

The reality is that this was not anywhere close to a farm.  In just a few hours from when this photograph was taken, it would be ridded of this peaceful calm and buzzing with activity.

It would morph from this place of solitude, to for some:

a  sit out area for afternoon lunchers  for some others a relaxing spot to shoot the wind;

for some to catch the warmth of the sun, for some others a place to gather one’s thoughts or get a breath of fresh air;

and for some or all, a part of a larger community; a part of the rest of the world.

Amazing how community comes in a variety of dimensions; how  the same term means different things to different people.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Community  – …This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us community, and interpret it any way you please.


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