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From Tiny BoxWoods to Rudy’s

Up until a short while ago, I had both eyes on and my stomach for Tiny Boxwoods.  It is on my list of “go to” restaurants in Houston because it offers a memorable cuisine experience in a relaxed and friendly environment.  It definitely delivers on its mission statement to “create a reaction that’s contagious to all and forgotten by no one”  However, on a recent trip to Austin,


for lunch we settled on having authentic Texan cuisine.  For a country style restaurant nestled next to a gas station, I really had little or no expectations.  Surprise!  repeat customer – Sold.  I was sold on the idea of coming back to have and also place to-go orders of,  their own words,  “the worst barbeque in Texas”.  I am not convinced that it is humanly possible for ribs and sausage to be any more delicious than all this goodness served on a sheet of wax paper.  The laid back cafeteria setting of  conjoined chestnut picnic style dining tables and benches adds to its rustic appeal. DSC_0727

The ribs and the sausage were to die for… I mean this was nothing short of yummylicious! if ever such a word existed since that best captures the meshing and melting of flavors.  This is no other than Rudys Country Store and Bar-B-Q.


Originally set up as a one stop shop for locals to buy gas and groceries and to swap stories, the Texas BBQ was added to its goods and services in 1989 and Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q was born.

Favorite Restaurants in Texas (update) – Tiny Boxwoods and Rudy’s.

Next time you are in those parts, please do share. Let us know what your experience was like.





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2 thoughts on “From Tiny BoxWoods to Rudy’s

  1. Ha! Ha! Glad you liked it.
    Everyone throws caution to the winds about all these health issues that won’t allow one to enjoy life over them “juicy texas size sausages”. Mhmhmh!

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