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Other People’s Photos

At some point almost if not every blogger is faced with deciding whether or not to use other people’s content.  There is no guarantee you will receive responses to all such requests so it may not hurt to narrow it down to  three or four.

All of this got me thinking of an earlier post about showing appreciation through attribution,  Attribute Creative Commons Photos Like a Pro and all in all great tips, but I have one question.

How do you convert the text description of the source of “other” content to a hyperlink on your blog ?

The Daily Post

Last month, we talked about reblogging and you all had a spirited debate in the comments section about the etiquette of sharing other people’s content. I thought the discussion was very interesting–my main takeaway was that some bloggers are quite particular about where and how their content is shared, and we should all be respectful of that.

This made me think of another issue that comes up a lot on the blogosphere – using other people’s photos. It’s difficult to know when it’s okay to use someone else’s photo on your blog, since every blogger feels differently about it.

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