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KISS dessert cups


Keep it Simple and Sweet Dessert Cups

Prep time – 15 minutes.

1 Kiwi or Mango diced into bite size bits

1 cup of Vanilla or Oreo YoCrunch Yogurt

1 oatmeal cookie, crushed (with the bottom of a mug or rolling pin)

3 or 4 Chocolate Wafers

Zest of one (1) Lemon or Orange

1 package of Athens mini Fillo shells

1)Follow baking instructions on package of mini fillo shells and let cool.

2) Layer with one Half Oreo and half crushed oatmeal crumbs just enough to cover the base of the shell and leave room for other layers of ingredients.

3) Spoon a little layer of yogurt just enough to cover the layer of cookie crumbs.  Place tidbits of diced fruit and sprinkle zest over the plated cups.

4) Add a quarter teaspoon of canola or other lightly flavored oil to bowl with chocolate wafers and microwave for  2 to 3 seconds until melted, then dip a spoon lightly in the mixture and drizzle over the plated cups.   Set to cool in the fridge for about 5 minutes and serve.

Makes 12-15 dessert cups.




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3 thoughts on “KISS dessert cups

  1. I tried this and made them too. They were deee..lish 🙂 Forget the calories and make them every once in a long while to treat yourself, family and/or friends. The more the merrier, and the fewer the calories YOU ALONE have to consume.
    As always, thanks for sharing.

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