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Million Dollar Question -Why do I blog..Why?

Daily Prompt – Million Dollar Question.

Why do I blog?


It allows me to share my sometimes muddled, sometimes crystal clear thoughts as well as my interesting finds (or so I think) with an audience of more than one.

It encourages me to write, write, write and write some more with the self-imposed deadlines hovering in the back of my mind like a buzzing bee.  A task that that needs to be completed.  It is there waiting patiently and I am fully aware it is there and not to be ignored for too long, because its patience also has limits (or so I tell myself).

The interesting thing is I almost feel like a parent saddled with gulit for neglecting one’s responsibilities, my responsibility to keep blogging away; a feeling that is further heightened when there are noticeable gaps in my posting routine.

Ever so often, I battle back and forth with how and when to resume my blogging, but when I eventually do, it feels like all past offenses are forgiven and ever so subtly I pick up from where I left off, and everything is fine again.

Blogging drives me to search and research so many things, from the mundane to the really profound and everything else in between – questions, ideas, definitions, concepts, places, the known, assumed known or and unknown.

I blog because I am always excited at the numerous possibilities and moreso when looking at the final product, be it a day, weeks or months later, marveling at the same time appreciating how a post evolved from the simple idea or and a skeletal outline to the detailed finished product.

Think about it, how often does one have the opportunity that begins at whole grains and ends up at Mary’s tears.

Right there! that is what I am talking about.  The fun, the excitement is in the journey, the unplanned or even planned and allowing room for the ever so slight divertions.  And what difference does it make because it does not make a difference even if they turn out to be major diversions.  Such freedom to go with the flow, if you ask me, that is a precious gift in and of itself.

Ultimately, it is the lessons learned along the way that keep me blogging.

So what was the question again?

Happy reading and for all bloggers out there, Happy blogging as well!!



Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

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