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Looking back at 2013

I recently came across this picture and for some reason it got me thinking, as we enter into a new year, finding that balance between the different challenges, triumphs and the opportunity to get it right.

Tokara Vines of the MindTokara Winery

The strong trunks and branches represent a solid foundation.  The vines represented in my mind, a future and a hope.

Come next year, my prayer is that I can confidently say:

This was a year of fresh beginnings that stretched me beyond my comfort zone.

Took full advantage of the teaching moments, where I learned even more about myself.

One in which I made a conscious effort to empathize and find that balance in all of it irrespective of the challenges along the way.

Inspite of the bumps along the way, any inconveniences at the time, but most importanlty with no expectations of a payback, I gave my different relationships my best.

Took nothing for granted, simple or otherwise, holding dear that life is to be cherished.

Appreciated the gift of a new day, another opportunity to get it right.

Shared, Supported, Laughed, Cried, Whispered, Talked and more than anything Listened more than we spoke.

The possibilities are numerous.  My prayer is that when I look back at 2013 it will be this and many more.

When you look back a year from now what do you hope for?



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