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Chalkboards, BlackBoards Pine Boards and what more…

Source: greenlight for girls – Delicious red apples on desk with blackboard

Blackboard, Chalkboard, introduced into the United States education system in 1801, the  term “blackboard” dates from around 1815 to 1825 and the term chalkboard is used mainly in the United States and dates from 1935 to 1940.  A blackboard or chalkboard is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of chalkSome sources credit James Pillans, headmaster of the Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland with inventing the chalkboard.  Some others  trace back its invention to Reverend Samuel Reed Hall and credit him with being the first to paint pine boards black.

Seriously, Scrabble Chalkboard and even a Calendar ChalkBoard, nice!
Source: Pinch Design – Chalkboard Calendar
Scrabble Chalkboard at CanadaListed.Com

LIz Gray in Creative Ways to Take the Chalkboard out of the Classroom offers ways to add the Chalkboard in our decor.  The article highlights designs used on doors, fireplaces and headboards to mention a few.  I also did some searching of my own.  Are you as curious as I am to find out other ways the chalkboard features outside the classroom? well lets see what else is out there.

Chalkboard Canisters by Crate and Barrel
Source: Crate and Barrel – Chalkboard Clamp Canisters

Chalk Board Runner by

Source: – Chalkboard Dish Shelves
Source: Pottery – Modular Chalkboard Tiles
Source – Nagging Doubt Viognier bottles

Chalk dana by Dana Tanamachi



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7 thoughts on “Chalkboards, BlackBoards Pine Boards and what more…

  1. I love the use of the chalk concept on the crate and barrel canisters. I am assuming the labels are erasable so you can reuse the canisters for different things at different times

    1. I agree and more so in this green economy – where the focus is on reducing waste, recycling and other cost-efficient ways of optimizing use of our limited resources. With the erasable chalkboard labels, all it takes is to empty the container erase and relabel- simple, clean and quick.

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