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Hello world! Welcome


Have you ever had one of those days when you just go with the flow, open to the possibilities?  Well, I have; one with no real agenda in mind as I saunter into the local store with spectacular deals on home fashion ideas.  No sooner had I walked past the aluminum framed swing entrance double doors, my eyes zeroed in on an item my brain registered to be a nicely proportioned document organizer.

It could not have been more perfect for organizing my important bills, folders, article printouts and even one or two book(s) on my next to read list in some kind of order.

Small enough to sit on the base of the storage shelf of my dark wood end table without the legs hanging out; dainty enough to accommodate my desperate need for organization.   This was a keeper.  However, something was not quite right.  I noticed a scratch on the side of the organizer.  Standing in the aisle, sorting through a medley of items sitting in a shopping cart was a lady wearing an apron with the store’s name emblazoned in bold text on its front.

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if you can help me out?”

Store Representative: “Hi, I may be able to”

Me: “Do you know where can I find another one of these organizers?  This has some scratches.  I found this tucked in between the caddies and brushes in the kitchenware section”

Store Representative: “It is actually a drying dish rack.”

Me: “Really!?”

 Let us just say, I hit the jackpot with that gem of a find.  This organizer, oops! pardon me “dish rack”, had my name written all over it.  Eyes fixated on the prize with laser vision precision, nothing was getting between me and my latest discovery.  Of course! the icing on the cake, this scarlet red dish rack, would add just enough of an interest element to the overall décor of my space.

This experience got me thinking about how thinking outside the traditional uses of an item, can result in creative ways to repurpose items.  The scarlet red dish rack,  a traditional kitchen item,  has become an invaluable organization item.

This blog is all about sharing information on a broad base of subjects and in some cases exploring different dimensions to a particular subject beyond its traditional context.  My interest may lead to totally new discoveries or even rediscovering the transformation or repurposing of the traditional to non-traditional.

Whatever the case,  what has me almost giddy with joy is the numerous possibilities and the lessons to be gleaned as new and fresh connections are made along the way,

So what is going to be for you?  I am excited! so if you are curious to know, join me on this journey of discovery

Happy Reading!



Broad based knowledge seeker; outside and beyond the box - arts and culture, travel, writing, christian faith walk, good reads and refreshing conversation - and not necessarily in that order. Storytelling by connecting the dots between the traditional and non-traditional, the obvious and not so obvious.

4 thoughts on “Hello world! Welcome

  1. wow! Got my interest piqued in what else you could come up with.

    It is definitely an amazing and delightful blog to rediscover how we could enhance our lives with simple every day things we are already accustomed with.

    Good job!!!

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