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Good Stuff – “Melts in Your Mouth like Butter”

Caramelized Cookies, Cookie Spreads and what more

As one who was recently introduced to the world of Cookie Butters, it is truly a delight to the taste buds. However, what was more striking or unsettling in my mind was for what should have been a new experience, it felt so familiar.  No sooner than my curiosity got the better part of me, I was on a mission to discover why the familiar feeling, and was I in for a surprise  – just like that….boom! boom! boom!.. the pieces of my mental puzzle began to snap right into place.  Bingo!

The butter reminded me so much of one of my favorite brand of cookies by Lotus Bakeries, Biscoff, the name given to the traditional “Speculoos” biscuits in North America.  These are caramelized cookies made from all natural ingredients using no artificial colors or preservatives.  My love affair with these cookies began on a local Delta airline flight some years back and I must confess upon my first taste, any sense of restraint was out the window. The gracious flight attendant over indulged me by granting my multiple Oliver Twist requests (can I have some more please).  Months later, you cannot begin to imagine how I had to hold back my eyes from popping out of their sockets when I came across these gems at my local walmart store.  For the life of me and do not ask me why I did not “google it” but I was convinced these cookies were specifically made and packaged for delta airline only.

Source – – Biscoff Cookies

Speculoos cookie butters (or spreads) are made from the caramelized cookies in which different spices are added to the cookie mix such as cardamom, ginger, white pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.  A number of stores including Trader Joes and Lotus Bakeries also have their line of speculoos spreads.  The Lotus brand was as a result of an entry  into a Belgian television contest hosted by the show called “The Inventors” (in English).  Els Scheppers, competed against a pool of 2000 contestants and her winning entry became the base for the Lotus Biscoff Cookie Spread.

However, I was first introduced to the world of Cookie Butters courtesy of the Le Pain Quotidien’s Speculoos Spread.

It has a soft creamy “melt in your mouth like peanut butter” texture with just enough spicy sweetness and a perfect accompaniment to crackers.  In one word, delish!

Did you know you can make an Oreo Cheesecake Butter or add caramelized cookies to your Lettuce Wraps?

Do tell, what has been your experience with caramelized cookies or spreads?




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5 thoughts on “Good Stuff – “Melts in Your Mouth like Butter”

  1. I happened to look up the defintion of the word “Lotus”
    Lotus –
    1. The plant yielding the fruit which was the food of the Lotophagi n. of Greek legend; represented by Homer ( Od. ix. 90 ff.) as producing in those who ate it a state of dreamy forgetfulness, and loss of all desire to return home. Hence often allusively.
    The Homeric lotus was identified by later Greek writers with a North African shrub, the descriptions of which are thought by most naturalists to refer to the jujube-tree ( Zizyphus Lotus), though other identifications have been proposed.(Source. www.

    I agree, Biscoff Cookies by Lotus Bakeries produce “a state of dreamy forgetfulness”.

  2. I had the same reaction first time I tasted biscoff. I had to fight had to stop eating these cookies just like I’m battling with malted milk. Thanks interesting read – Emma O.

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