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Surrender All of it- Part 2


Kanyi plopped himself onto the couch after having some of Efe’s cooking.  He replayed bits of the conversation with Kene.  It had been a while since he had a refreshing conversation with a female, not related to him.

Suddenly he felt the flood of self-admonishing fill his thoughts “Maybe I should not have been so quick to extend an invitation to Kene…What was I thinking…STOP!  Kanyi blurted out aloud.

Lowering his forehead onto his interlaced fingers resting on the dining table.  “Lord God, Father in Heaven, please take charge and give me peace.  Let me worry less and focus on you more.”

The prayer seemed to have calmed him down.

Kene called a few days later to thank him again but had to turn down the invitation because of a schedule conflict.  Just as she was about to hang up, Kanyi said “Kene, if it is ok with you, after the festival is over,  I would like to grab coffee or chocolate, your choice, and chat for a bit”

They arranged to meet up a few weeks after.

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Pressing the Publish Button

When, What and How to go from ideas to pressing the Publish button

How do you know when and what to post on your platform that will resonate with your audience?

Do you ever run out of ideas or topics to write about?

How do you know when to wrap up the research, begin the writing and finally press the publish button?

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Work or Walk and Win

Those words staring back at me through the glass display, seemed too good to be true.  Even more mind blowing was the prospect of being done with my Christmas shopping in July.

In that moment, racing through my mind like credits from a movie were the many reasons why I should just do it!   Yes! get it over and done with and check it off!

1)Less pressure

2)Less likely to have to deal with the long windy almost endless queues that come with shopping during the holidays.

3) Low inventory challenges were less likely to be the case, or at least until my needs were met.

There were “fantastic” deals swirling around in that store, but just like the sign hanging above the intersection of the two aisles where I now stood, the unanswered question hanging over my head still remained “Is “50% off any full price item” equal to or the same as “Buy 1 get one free”?

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Surrender All of it – Part 1

“Pardon me if  this comes across as a bit forward, but can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.”  Kanyi leaned in closer adjusting his arm on the rest. “Shoot”

Kene smoothed out her skirt and said “This is the first time I have heard the name Kanyi. What does it mean?”

“It depends on whom you ask.”

Kanyi Blaize noticed her half raised quizzical brow.

“Let me explain.”

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Quality Time

I had walked into the office with trepidation, as I recalled the gruesome ordeal of extracting and replacing my dental implant.  If I never had to go through that experience it would be too soon.  The dentist must have read my mind because she quickly dismissed my fears and recommended following up with a periodontist for good measure.

Glancing at my watch, it had been almost an hour.  Standing by the entryway that separated the waiting area from the corridor of private consultation rooms, the dental assistant in a scrub top with images of dental exam tools on it had announced to me “the doctor should have it ready in a few”.

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Low Sodium, Low Sugar, High Protein, High Fiber.

“Oh my I forgot again” Ouch!,

  By the elevator banks were the  five foot rectangular cardboard boxes with flaps hanging on the sides.  Inscribed on the box were four cans labeled “low sodium”,  “low sugar”, “high protein” and “high fiber”.  I could already feel a bit of relief as I approached the lobby, just massaging the sting to my temple from my heavy hand.

Stacked Planks

The night before, I mentally ran down my list of things to take along to work in the morning; my laptop in the computer wheeled business case and documents to be reviewed were set down in plain view by the dining table.  The plan was to grab the other items – a boiled egg, orange and overnight oats for breakfast and my packed lunch – from the fridge along with some canned beans and corn and packs of angel hair pasta on my way out in the morning.  Even more exciting was that this was my Continue reading “Low Sodium, Low Sugar, High Protein, High Fiber.”

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Self Control


Self Control  is the ability to subdue our impulses in order to achieve longer-term goals. Rather than responding to immediate impulses, we can plan, evaluate alternative actions, and, often enough, avoid doing things we will later regret. (see

Synonyms: self-discipline · restraint · self-possession · self-command · willpower · composure · coolness · moderation · temperance · abstemiousness · cool

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