Plans are only good intentions

From all indications this was a perfect day with the sun streaming in through the peach  linen curtains Mum installed along with the ornate hardware a couple of weeks ago.  The sweet aroma of Mum’s special lemon-coconut muffins had wafted into my room.  A half hour later, here I was polishing off the last of my muffin and off to school it was.   1st and 2nd period went by and then 3rd period came around and all it took was Ms. Rio walking in Continue reading Plans are only good intentions

Flight or Fight (Part 2)
Credit: inimitablypriceless

In part I, we identified some reasons why we are not keen on stepping out of our comfort zone even when the conditions are ripe for change.

Here we address, different ways of rising to the occasion, which in many cases may entail confronting or meeting the challenges and expectations placed in our path.

Is it Time Yet? –  – do you no longer enjoy doing your job? is the job no longer challenging? is there no more room for growth? are you bored or miserable?

First, acknowledge that the time has come for the change to be made, which could be to move on from your current position.  Moving to a different environment may be your most pivotal time of growth in your career.  However, in order to make strides in that respect, the next step is critical: identifying your worst fears and determining how to overcome it.

The fear of rejection comes in different forms:

  • self-condemnation – I am not good enough;
  • recalling all the negative thoughts or statements you have had or heard while completely discounting your strengths;
  • convincing yourself you are not convinced the grass is greener on the other side and of course
  •  there is “the devil you know”…mindset.

 Change is Inevitable – So rather than imagine the worst, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  So (then) what is next ?  Be strategic and do not work blindly against your fear but identify -

  • 1) What it is that you want to pursue,
  • 2) what is that vision you want to achieve, and
  • 3) what is the end objective you want to realize; then use that to fuel you in your growth.

 Bottom line, have a plan.


So you got over the hump of almost talking yourself out of attending the networking event on a Wednesday evening after a long and trying day at work.  In spite of your best efforts, the rule of 3 did not work and to top it off, there were no familiar faces at the event so you ended up with “no results”

What is your Plan B and Plan C? What are the baby steps to take where the whole professional networking may be a bit too much too soon?

1)Open ended networking –networking does not always have to be in a professional setting.  It may be easier to make those connections while participating in a group activity in a relaxed environment

  • Attend “non-professional networking” activities hosted by a group that interests you –  the local gym, Book Club, Running group, Local library, Habitat for Humanity.
  • Volunteer time on projects, children’s school field trips, PTA,  or other Event organizing committees.

Let your friends or contacts who are already members of these organizations or groups know to keep you posted on any upcoming events.  Better yet, ask if they are ok with you accompanying them as a guest to these events. It is a great opportunity to meet others in the group through your contact.  Such an opportunity is even better and less nerve wracking because you can try something new and better yet with a familiar face to to guide you through the experience.

2) Seek mentors - one in which both mentor and mentee can nurture the relationship.

3) Handling our Fears – It is ok to feel vulnerable and to ask for help.  A positive mindset is key.

4) Listen more than your speak – Get a feel for if this is a soft-sell or direct in your face kind of individual.

Be generous with assisting others even if there is nothing in it for you – “The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” Keith Ferrazzi”.

If someone happens to mention a need for a handyman, connect them to one you know and it does not necessarily mean it will work out, however, people never forget.

A person who Never made a Mistake

never Tried anything New

– Albert Einstein

Flight or Fight

With a few “special” exceptions, human beings are creatures of instinct, some may even say we are creatures of habit, and because of that we gravitate towards our comfort zone.

Getting out the Comfort Zone means different things to different people including doing things we fear, that make us anxious, that we detest or simply put, doing things that are emotional and excruciatingly painful.
Credit: inimitablypriceless

For many introverts, this resonates on more levels than one, who over the course of the day or even week encounter situations where they are going through the motions of “I will die first before I walk up to that Director I run into at the gym than open my mouth and say hi him at the Whole Foods store”

What comes to mind when we hear catchphrases like: Continue reading Flight or Fight

Creature Comforts for the Long Haul

What are your favorite snacks to take on a trip,  how do you try to make it as pleasurable an experience as possible? Perhaps pack along some tea,  download some favorite music or and shows, catch up on as much of your reading or and sleep as possible?

Horseshoe Pillow-
Horseshoe Pillow-

Do you have a favorite horseshoe pillow, or choice of seat or other “ritual”  that you follow to make for a more pleasant travel experience?

For a long haul trip, it always helps to prepare as best as you can ahead of time to make for a more relaxed or and pleasurable experience.

Here are a few tips that may come in handy:

A) Before you Leave the House.

1)  Check with your bank to see if your best option is to make ATM withdrawals rather than carry wads of cash or have to contend with daily changes in the

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Unplanned as it was, trying to fit in as many shots as possible in my short window of time and here is the final product.

On some level, nighttime shots pique the viewer’s curiosity – the questions are almost never ending and what is this, what is that… ohhh is that what that  is.

Striking,  how detail(s) that normally would take the human eye and mind to decrypt or decipher in but a few seconds during the daytime, may require a little more focus and in some cases, a lot more than a little.

The understated depth of texture, patterns, colors is sometimes best captured at nighttime.

Richness of Texture and Colors - Eggs at Nighttime
Richness of Texture, Patterns, Colors and more.

Lost and Found – the Recovery Effort

I am way past dead meat.  I lost it all!!


That is all it took.

Right in the middle of a download of pictures to my laptop from my camera’s memory (SD) card, I aborted the transfer and what happened next was enough to render me certifiable.

But my reality is or was that I did not have the luxury to process those emotions caused my impulsive action.  Even more nerve wracking in that moment,  was having to think about the full repercussions of just a simple click.

Image credit:
Image credit:

My first reaction was raw panic! almost bordering on hysteria, as frantically tried to recall all the memorable moments captured by yours truly, the designated by default photographer with the responsibility of sending the pictures taken over that weekend.

There was no way out of this one as far as I was concerned.  What would I say?  It was all coming back to me, all the excitement as they cocked their necks to get a good view of the various shots and the repeated reminders not to Continue reading Lost and Found – the Recovery Effort

My Stuffed Back Pockets – Travel Discomforts

I learned a few facts about the city of Chicago.


It was founded in the 1700’s by a Haitian, Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable and also finally settled on whether it is the “Chicago L or El train”.  For me, learning new things about a place are one of the many joys of travel and the opportunity to visit as many of the sights as far as both my feet can carry is a great coup.  In addition to its many benefits, walking is definitely a different experience than driving  or taking a bus tour because you, no, let me rephrase that.

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Why Hang onto the Hinges, Live a Little

That is all it was in the beginning.

Change the builder’s grade brass door knobs.

Soon enough it became crystal clear that the challenge was in keeping this project simple, short and sweet.

Image Credit: Hardware Tools Workshop Screwdriver Wrench Clip Art from
Image Credit: Hardware Tools Workshop Screwdriver Wrench Clip Art from

I have no one else to blame but myself for giving in to the nudging or more like taunting of my inner voice to “live a little and up my game”.    Continue reading Why Hang onto the Hinges, Live a Little

On the Road to Discovery – Simply Genius

Easy Fix for high traffic areas.  Scotchgard. Yes, the stuff in the red and white plaid patterned can.  The spray protects against dirt and stains and works on fabric sofas, chairs and even your bathroom floor

image credit; Winweb (Pinterest)
image credit; Winweb (Pinterest)



So what do Scotchgard and Patsy Sherman have in common?

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