My Stuffed Back Pockets – Travel Discomforts

I learned a few facts about the city of Chicago.


It was founded in the 1700’s by a Haitian, Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable and also finally settled on whether it is the “Chicago L or El train”.  For me, learning new things about a place are one of the many joys of travel and the opportunity to visit as many of the sights as far as both my feet can carry is a great coup.  In addition to its many benefits, walking is definitely a different experience than driving  or taking a bus tour because you, no, let me rephrase that.

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Why Hang onto the Hinges, Live a Little

That is all it was in the beginning.

Change the builder’s grade brass door knobs.

Soon enough it became crystal clear that the challenge was in keeping this project simple, short and sweet.

Image Credit: Hardware Tools Workshop Screwdriver Wrench Clip Art from
Image Credit: Hardware Tools Workshop Screwdriver Wrench Clip Art from

I have no one else to blame but myself for giving in to the nudging or more like taunting of my inner voice to “live a little and up my game”.    Continue reading

On the Road to Discovery – Simply Genius

Easy Fix for high traffic areas.  Scotchgard. Yes, the stuff in the red and white plaid patterned can.  The spray protects against dirt and stains and works on fabric sofas, chairs and even your bathroom floor

image credit; Winweb (Pinterest)
image credit; Winweb (Pinterest)



So what do Scotchgard and Patsy Sherman have in common?

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The Tour After the Trip — Made all the Difference

Beginning with my eyes, I could almost feel the warm and fuzzy feeling charting its course, registering to my brain and yielding a smile as I looked over some of the shots from my day trip to St. Helena in Napa County, California.  Priceless.St Helena (1)

At the same I  could not help the nagging sense of loss as I wondered how much better they would have turned out if only I had… Continue reading

What Lies Ahead in 2014 – Moving Forward

20131129_150323With a New Year, the customary thing is to have a new years resolution list of bad habits to drop and areas to nurture.

Well this year, I choose to steer off the beaten path.  My plan – simple and straightforward and in a few words, to be intentional.

Where that path leads me I am not quite sure but I INTEND:

to blog more, read more, travel more, learn more and who knows to be open to whatever else happens in between and hopefully to be wiser from the experiences.

I intend to worry less and relish the moments more.  Be alright with being still, if that is what I am feeling at that point in time and enjoy those moments of quiet solace in my own space more; and worry less about what could have, should have or would have.

Oops! there goes my not having a list, but hopefully you get my drift.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Community

Is it not amazing the power between one brain and two eyes and as a consequence we are able to appreciate the numerous possibilities, the different dimensions to an object or image.

It is such power that prompted me to take this photograph just before 6.30 am one morning.  Mushroom2

What seemed like a normal chilly morning, as I walked toward this space completely preoccupied with what tasks of the day to first tackle, when that shift in my attention, without any effort on my part, in a quick instant, precipitated by what my eyes saw and brain interpreted as the uncanny resemblance to a cluster of mushrooms scattered about a stretch of brown soil.

The reality is that this was not anywhere close to a farm.  In just a few hours from when this photograph was taken, it would be ridded of this peaceful calm and buzzing with activity.

It would morph from this place of solitude, to for some:

a  sit out area for afternoon lunchers  for some others a relaxing spot to shoot the wind;

for some to catch the warmth of the sun, for some others a place to gather one’s thoughts or get a breath of fresh air;

and for some or all, a part of a larger community; a part of the rest of the world.

Amazing how community comes in a variety of dimensions; how  the same term means different things to different people.

Image Credit -
Image Credit -

Weekly Photo Challenge – Community  – …This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us community, and interpret it any way you please.

Books, No More for Me

At least if I have a say in the matter, it will be a while.

As I lazily drew my fingers over spines of my collection, I settled on one particular book, Scent of Water by Sinmisola Ogunyinka.   20131030_082019Set in the western city of Lagos and the southeastern city of Calabar both in Nigeria, West Africa, is a great story which at its very core is about forgiveness, new beginnings and the challenges encountered along the way.  It all begins with a young lady’s dreams and its connections to a total stranger in prison. Continue reading

From Tiny BoxWoods to Rudy’s

Up until a short while ago, I had both eyes on and my stomach for Tiny Boxwoods.  It is on my list of “go to” restaurants in Houston because it offers a memorable cuisine experience in a relaxed and friendly environment.  It definitely delivers on its mission statement to “create a reaction that’s contagious to all and forgotten by no one”  However, on a recent trip to Austin,


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The Whole Nine’s – In My Wallet

In my Wallet

Just the other day I  I took  a mental inventory of the items or what was or expected to be there as I quickly went through my oversized multi pocket zippered wallet; driver’s license behind the plastic square window, check, bank cards, check,  receipts of items to be returned, check.

Image Credit: - Passport Stamps Tyvek Mighty Wallet
Image Credit: – Passport Stamps Tyvek Mighty Wallet

Scratching my forehead for almost what felt like a long minute as it gradually began to sink in, the reality on ground: Continue reading